Beijing Tong Ren Tang Toronto
Beijing Tong  Ren Tang Toronto


A subsidiary of century old traditional Chinese herbal medicine store Tong Ren Tang

Health Food and Wellness Supplements

Besides taking TCM medicines for treatment of illnesses, TRT medical practitioners have undergone extensive research over the centuries and come up with different formulae to strengthen the body, improve its immmune system, so as to speed up the healing and recuperaton processes, and to prevent future illnesses.
BJTRT is world famous for its many supplements for their high quality and effectiveness which have been processed by following very stringent standards and quality control.

Here are some of the famous TRT food supplements:

such as ginseng, bird's nest, dongchongxiacao (Cordyceps sinens), shihe (Dendrobium), qizi (wolfberry fruit), ejiao (gelatin), lingzhi (fungus), haishen (cucumber), danggui (angelica), huangqi (Codonopsis), duzhong (Astragalus), longan, yiner (white fungus), Western ginseng, daijao (jujube), shanyao (Chinese ya), qianshi (Gorgon)

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