Beijing Tong Ren Tang Toronto
Beijing Tong  Ren Tang Toronto


A subsidiary of century old traditional Chinese herbal medicine store Tong Ren Tang

Chinese Herbal Medicines

TRT is famous for the quality and diversity of its TCM herbs, as well as their effectiveness for treatment of various illnesses. The herbs are carefully selected and processed, to ensure they meet TRT's high standards of quality.

At TRT we carry a large number of different herbal medicines. Some examples are:

Fritillaria, baizhi, chuanbeimu, chuanbaizhi, tianqi, longdancao, qianniuzhi, yimucao etc.
Medical consultation with our TCM Practitioners includes diagnosis of the patient's condition and state of illness, prescriptions for TCM herbal medicines and advice on steps to be followed for recovery.

The herbal medicines so prescribed can be purchased from our TCM Herbal dispensary.

TCM herbal medicines can also be purchased from our dispensary for customers who bring in their own medical prescriptions.